QM Cell Dots is a business entity that focuses on promoting sustainability as an individual responsibility. We aim to embrace and support such responsibility by supporting local and international initiatives. Together, we aim to make a difference through social commitment.

Apart from providing homes and businesses with cutting-edge green energy solutions, we also support areas that are in need of cost-saving and eco-friendly energy sources.

In 2009, we sent out two QM Cell Dots technicians in Addis Ababa to teach 30 college students about the principles of solar cell production and physics. In the same year, two of our employees were sent to Ethiopia to train 20 technicians for a couple of years.

QM Cell Dots have provided support for Ethiopia’s International Solar Energy Academy. The two QM Cell Dots technicians arrived in the country with solar cells, cables, measuring devices, and other essential tools and materials to effectively train the 20 Ethiopian technicians.

The introduction of solar energy is a huge contribution to the Ethiopian people’s daily lives. It allows them to cook, sew, read, draw, and enjoy different forms of entertainment.

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