Green energy and sustainability are the hope and future of our planet.

The effects of global warming and climate change are evidently showing effects in our day-to-day lives. The harmful threats and impact of global warming to our environment, our health, and communities are becoming more and more alarming. However, thanks to science and active organizations and individuals, environment-friendly energy sources are now widely available.

Green energy is one of the practical solutions that can substantially reduce the progression of global warming. At QM Cell Dots, we guarantee to secure renewable energy resources to secure the planet and mankind’s future. By utilizing daytime light as our unlimited and main energy source, we produce clean and green electricity without bringing any harmful impact on ourselves and the environment.

What We Offer:

Industry Leadership

We are a pioneer international solar company that continuously explores new technologies and approaches at our cutting-edge Research and Development facilities.

Quality Control

All of our products have undergone independent tests and are certified by authorized quality regulation programs.

Industry-Grade Manufacturing

We manufacture all of our products at fully-automated factories through a top-of-the-line Manufacturing Execution System. MES allows full traceability of all solar products from acquisition to logistics while helping us maximize the entire production process.