All QM Cell Dots products undergo a life-cycle assessment to analyze their probable impact on the environment during the product’s entire life. This involves all of the impacts to the environment related to the production of raw materials, the production of the actual product, usage, transport, disposal of the product, and other relevant downstream and upstream processes.

The environmental impact and performance of all QM Cell Dots products throughout their life cycle is extremely significant for us. Apart from disclosing all information with the downstream and upstream processes involved, we also take full responsibility for the environmental impacts brought by the supplier chain and disposal processes.

At QM Cell Dots, we strive to do life-cycle assessments for all our products throughout the entire stages of their lives. These assessments involve the production, packaging materials, energy consumed, transport distances, and the waste and emissions produced at every life cycle phase.

Lastly, we present all of the life-cycle assessment results for our products with full transparency. We take the promotion of the worldwide use of sustainable and renewable energy as the core of our values.

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