QM Cell Dots is one of the breakthrough entities in the solar industry that aims to deliver green and clean energy around the world. QM Cell Dots is a high-tech company that collaborates with an international sales network to reach exceptional capacity module production. Moreover, the company is a leading expert in Research and Development, an integrated manufacturer of modules, wafers, and off-grid systems, and an investor and developer of high-efficiency PV projects.

QM Cell Dots has over 45 business key technologies and has built an industry-level photovoltaic lab which is acknowledged and certified by the CNAS. The company’s laboratory can handle an average of 54 project testing and can support the design, quality control, and development of the business as well as other photovoltaic entities.

The products produced by QM Cell Dots have passed GE, CE, ROHS, PAHS, TüV, REACH, and other global certifications. The company is also one of the leading businesses that passed the GB / T28000 work-related safety and health system, ISO9001 quality regulation system, and ISO14001 environmental regulation system.

The company strives to support and strengthen Research and Development to produce highly efficient modules and PV cells to meet the growing demands of both the national and international market.

Solar Energy: An Environment-Friendly and Cost-Efficient Solution

Many homeowners and businesses are now switching to solar energy for two major reasons: it is great for the environment and it helps them save electricity costs.
With the ongoing battles against global warming, many individuals and organizations are now looking for practical ways to help alleviate the current environmental crisis.
It is an obvious fact that energy consumption plays a vital role in the environmental impacts of greenhouse gas emissions. However, thanks to the help of science, individuals and business entities can now utilize a more sustainable form of energy without spending an arm and a leg.
The …

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How Solar Energy Impacts the Environment

The sun is a perpetual source for generating sustainable and clean electricity without greenhouse gas emissions and environmental pollutants.
The potential environmental impacts associated with the use of solar energy such as habitat loss and land use, water use, as well as the use of toxic manufacturing materials, can significantly vary depending on the type of technology.
The technology relevant to solar power is categorized into two: concentrated solar power (CSP) and photovoltaic solar cells (PV). Some of the environmental impacts associated with production and use of solar energy include;
1. Land Use…

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Are Solar Panels Genuinely Green?

Due to the increasing global demand for clean energy, the solar energy market capacity substantially increased for the previous five years. However, the manufacturing of solar panels may unfortunately bring a few environmental downsides.
First, the production of the panels requires the use of caustic chemicals and the process involves the use of electricity and water. As a result, this process alone results in greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, this process also produces waste.
The environmental downsides brought by the production of solar panels can undermine its ability to offset climate change and diminish …

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Making a Difference with Social Engagement

QM Cell Dots is a business entity that focuses on promoting sustainability as an individual responsibility. We aim to embrace and support such responsibility by supporting local and international initiatives. Together, we aim to make a difference through social commitment.
Apart from providing homes and businesses with cutting-edge green energy solutions, we also support areas that are in need of cost-saving and eco-friendly energy sources.
In 2009, we sent out two QM Cell Dots technicians in Addis Ababa to teach 30 college students about the principles of solar cell production and physics. In the same year, two of our …

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