If, like me, you know that clean water is key to maintaining healthy living, you will agree that water filters are not popular enough. Aside from that, clean water is necessary; it shouldn’t be hard to get. One surefire way to get clean water is by using water filters.

However, for water filters to be a great solution to getting clean water, it needs to be sustainable. In this article, we’ll evaluate how sustainable and eco-friendly water filters are and whether you can rely on them on a day-to-day basis without breaking the bank or poisoning the environment.

Why Are Water Filters Necessary?

Going by the name alone, you probably already know what a water filter does. Its purpose is to remove unwanted and unhealthy impurities from water, including sediments, bad taste, odor, and even bacteria. Water filters are everywhere, and there are many types with different operations. Without it, you’re practically tossing a coin that your water will be healthy.

If you’re getting water directly from a municipal supply you trust, you may not deem filters necessary. But the truth is that you never really know how clean the water is by the time it gets to you. Anything could have contaminated it in transit. In essence, a water filter is the only way to have peace of mind that the water in your home isn’t injurious to you or your family’s health. Water filters have become so popular for that reason; peace of mind and assurance of good health.

In this video you will find three more reasons, why we should filter our water at home:

But, Are Water Filters Sustainable?

Now that you understand why water filters are so useful and popular, it’s time to examine how sustainable they are in terms of cost, environmental-friendliness, health, and convenience.


Installing water filters in your home will cost some change at first, but it really doesn’t cost anything after. If you calculate the amount you spend on bottled water daily, you will realize that it is more expensive than filtered water in the long run. While the immediate cost of a water filter may seem high, it will save you the cost of bottled water in the months and years that follow.

You can use filtered water for almost anything, including gardening, bathing, drinking, so you hardly need to spend extra on other types of water. Maintaining the water filter system isn’t costly either. Some water filters don’t need to be changed until about 12 months. You’ll know when you need to replace it once you notice a decrease in output flow.


The other big and important question is whether water filters are sustainable for the environment. The short answer is “not always.” This is because some water filters are made from plastic, although to various degrees. The same also goes for smaller water filters built inside pitchers. However, because plastics aren’t single-use, they are far more eco-friendly than bottled water.

In fact, any other reusable alternative is better than single-use plastic bottled water. Also, if you care about the environment, you can ask your plumber for a water filter that uses no plastic. Anyway, as long as you dispose of the water filers and the sediments properly, you should be good.

On top of that, water filters don’t produce harmful emissions that endanger the environment. Their usage also does not require any connection with a water body that could lead to chemical contaminations with adverse effects on marine life.

Convenience and Portability

You may be wondering whether installing water filters is worth all that trouble when bottled water doesn’t require any stress. But there are different types of water filters, some more convenient and portable than others.

There are aluminum or glass bottle water filters that you can conveniently carry around. You can take them with you on travels, sports adventures, hiking activities, or any engagement that requires you to always have water next to you. And here’s the best part, you can always refill the water filter with water from any source and purify it easily. That is not something you can do with regular bottled water.

For home systems, cleaning water filters is quite easy, and anyone can do it. Replacing the water filter is also straightforward. You won’t need a technician for any of those. Hence, water filters are very sustainable over the long term in this regard.


There are different filtration processes, and your portable or household water filter is much healthier than ordinary tap water.

portable or household water filter

You get to select the kind of water filter you want for the kind of things you want it to filter out. A good water filter will also help with improving taste and eradicating any odors, making your water more drinkable.

There is no disinfectant to cause you any bother, and all harmful microorganisms are filtered out for you. There’s scarcely anything healthier. As a bonus, your water filter can help you preserve essential minerals that you won’t find in the bottled water you buy. It also saves you from the healths risk posed by the carcinogens found in plastic bottles.

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