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Tetrapod Quantum Dot - Manna et al., JACS (2000)


  • Synthesis and Mass-Production of Highly Functionalized Colloidal Tetrapod Quantum Dots
  • Mass-Production of Printed Thin-Film PV Quantum Dot Solar Cells
  • Mass-Production of Printed Electronics
  • A New Paradigm of Science and Business

Quantum Materials Corporation (QMC) is now commercializing a low cost quantum dot technology of a superior quality and characteristics. This revolutionary new quantum dot production technique, developed by Dr. Michael S. Wong and colleagues of William Marsh Rice University, Houston, TX., has been acquired under an exclusive, world-wide license. Our new synthesis method is mass producible using continuous flow technology processes developed in conjunction with Access2Flow microreactor technology. QMC's research and development group was instrumental in developing the new scaling-up process.



Advantages of QMC Tetrapod QD

Quantum Materials Corporation new "greener" synthesis of Tetrapod CdSe Quantum Dots

  • Low Cost of non-REE materials that can produce high luminescense and efficient QD
  • Continuous Flow Processing for consistent, reliable, stable, and high quantity product
  • 95+% conversion of Tetrapods in narrow frequency ranges for precise uses
  • High Selectivity of Arm Width and Length for fine tuning of product characteristics
  • Simplified Purification due to uniformity and non-toxic synthesis chemicals
  • Can be capped with shells or dyes during production



Introductory Pricing for Academic Research

Stephen B. Squires, Founder and CEO of Quantum Materials Corporation said:

"We believe that our tetrapod quantum dots are truly an enabling technological breakthrough. As such we have an obligation to make sure these materials are accessible to researchers across the globe so discovery in the advanced electronics and life sciences fields, among others, can be realized and accelerated. Offering QMC tetrapod quantum dots at a substantial cost savings will increase access to experimentation as the range of quantum dot research also widens. There are a number of potential applications for quantum dots that have not been well described and we really believe this is going to be the kind of platform technology that spurs innovation and creativity throughout the scientific community."



Global Market Growth for Quantum Dots in Promising Commercial Market Sectors 2008-2013 ($Millions)

Source: BCC Research