Solar Energy: An Environment-Friendly and Cost-Efficient Solution

Many homeowners and businesses are now switching to solar energy for two major reasons: it is great for the environment and it helps them save electricity costs.
With the ongoing battles against global warming, many individuals and organizations are now looking for practical ways to help alleviate the current environmental crisis.
It is an obvious fact that energy consumption plays a vital role in the environmental impacts of greenhouse gas emissions. However, thanks to the help of science, individuals and business entities can now utilize a more sustainable form of energy without spending an arm and a leg.
The …

How Solar Energy Impacts the Environment

The sun is a perpetual source for generating sustainable and clean electricity without greenhouse gas emissions and environmental pollutants.
The potential environmental impacts associated with the use of solar energy such as habitat loss and land use, water use, as well as the use of toxic manufacturing materials, can significantly vary depending on the type of technology.
The technology relevant to solar power is categorized into two: concentrated solar power (CSP) and photovoltaic solar cells (PV). Some of the environmental impacts associated with production and use of solar energy include;
1. Land Use…

Are Solar Panels Genuinely Green?

Due to the increasing global demand for clean energy, the solar energy market capacity substantially increased for the previous five years. However, the manufacturing of solar panels may unfortunately bring a few environmental downsides.
First, the production of the panels requires the use of caustic chemicals and the process involves the use of electricity and water. As a result, this process alone results in greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, this process also produces waste.
The environmental downsides brought by the production of solar panels can undermine its ability to offset climate change and diminish …

Making a Difference with Social Engagement

QM Cell Dots is a business entity that focuses on promoting sustainability as an individual responsibility. We aim to embrace and support such responsibility by supporting local and international initiatives. Together, we aim to make a difference through social commitment.
Apart from providing homes and businesses with cutting-edge green energy solutions, we also support areas that are in need of cost-saving and eco-friendly energy sources.
In 2009, we sent out two QM Cell Dots technicians in Addis Ababa to teach 30 college students about the principles of solar cell production and physics. In the same year, two of our …

Life-Cycle Assessment

All QM Cell Dots products undergo a life-cycle assessment to analyze their probable impact on the environment during the product’s entire life. This involves all of the impacts to the environment related to the production of raw materials, the production of the actual product, usage, transport, disposal of the product, and other relevant downstream and upstream processes.
The environmental impact and performance of all QM Cell Dots products throughout their life cycle is extremely significant for us. Apart from disclosing all information with the downstream and upstream processes involved, we also take full responsibility for …

QM Cell Dots Home Storage System

The QM Cell Dots Home is a scalable storage system for your home’s PV system. It is an ideal solution for an eco-friendly effort to reduce the cost of electricity consumption on residential properties. It also ensures dependability for long-term use.
QM Cell Dots Home is a storage solution that is optimized for definite energy production and energy consumption. It comes with a modular design that allows a fast and effortless installation. This storage system is offered in three memory sizes for different application requirements.
On the other hand, QM Cell Dots also offers a home monitoring system that provides …

QM Cell Dots Top Products

Here is a list of the top category of products offered by QM Cell Dots for both residential and commercial use.
1. QM Cell Dots Solar Panel
QM Cell Dots is reputed for providing high-quality solar panels for both homes and businesses. The solar panels manufactured by QM Cell Dots are one of the top-performance PV solutions in the industry. Our solar panels are crafted through the use of state-of-the-art technologies to ensure high efficiency and reliability.
2. QM Cell Dots Home Storage System
The QM Cell Dots Home Storage Solution is designed to maximize energy production …

The Advantages of Utilizing Solar Energy on Commercial and Industrial Entities

Are you a business owner who aims to practice sustainability and save electricity costs within your company? Then this list of solar energy benefits might convince you to switch now.
1. Reduce Electricity Cost
As a business entity, your electricity cost probably takes up a huge chunk of your monthly payables. By switching to solar energy, you will immediately notice a big difference in the electricity cost of your facility.
2. Bigger ROI
Since solar energy is a long-term solution, it is undoubtedly a profitable and secure investment for your company. Additionally, the solar …

QM Cell Dot’s Solar Panels: The Best in the Market?

Our solar panels guarantee optimum performance even under extreme weather conditions. Whether it’s below zero in winter or the peak of summer, our solar panels deliver the maximum efficiency and performance of conventional solar panels.
This is because QM Cell Dots’ solar panels are designed using top-grade technologies to achieve optimum energy generation and reliability.
The Advantages of QM Cell Dots Solar Panel over the conventional solar panels include:
1. Top-Grade Technology
Solar panels made by QM Cell Dots are crafted through the use of industry-grade technologies to …

The Advantages of Using Solar Energy At Home

Many homeowners are now considering solar solutions for their home. If you are not yet aware of the many benefits of using solar power at your home, then this rundown of some of the biggest perks of utilizing green electricity might convince you to invest in one now.
1. Substantial Electricity Cost Decrease
One of the main reasons why more and more people have now switched to solar energy is the substantial saving potentials it can give. Solar panels can greatly lower your monthly electricity bill.
2. Eco-Friendly
By using solar energy, you generate clean and sustainable …